Transforming the Customer Experience, Digitally
Adopting digital technologies, smartly, is the only way forward for creating great customer experiences in the category of customized home storage solutions.
by Swagat Rath
Systems & Technology Cell, Godrej Interio
Offering of the solution through the Mobile App for the sales team reduced manual interventions and elevated the customer experience to a higher level.

The B2C Furniture category catered by Godrej Interio encompasses a range of products which includes Home Storage (Wardrobes), Home Furniture, Mattresses, and Accessories. In recent times, there has been a rapid evolution in the way today’s customers go through the journey of purchasing furniture for their homes. To cater to ever-evolving customer needs and provide them with a unique buying experience, it is essential to digitalize the customer journey to delight the customer.We are sharing below the story of how we created a mobile App for selling a modular range of steel storage furniture.

Why opt for Virtual Selling?

With our constant endeavour to bring innovation into our range of products and the customer experience at our stores, we identified a real challenge faced by our sales personnel in selling our modular range of furniture. One such modular product in the range is “Kreation X2” which is a Modular steel Wardrobe solution. This is a wall-to-wall multiple configuration solution for wardrobes which also has Overhead unit (OHU) functionality with a variety of colour options for customers to choose from.

What did the project involve?

As the product is inherently complex in terms of its design, the sales team was required to carry out various activities during the selling cycle of the “Kreation” product.
The activities were:

Gathering of customer requirements

Site visits for measurements of space

Manually drawing the layout

Creating and sharing manually prepared multiple iterations for obtaining the approval of customers.

Preparing the Bill of Quantities manually (BOQ).

To simplify the process and reduce the efforts involved in carrying out these multiple activities, we felt it was essential to develop a robust technological solution that would address the issues involved.

The Solution

A unique 3D Product Configurator Application was conceptualized and developed for the sales team as part of our Digital Transformation journey. The intent here was to give a unique tool to our sales team which would empower them to sell more effectively for generating higher sales.

Godrej Interio-Product Configurator

Static-3D modeled products with Animation capability which shows the functionality of the modular products.

3 Room Themes- to give customers a different look at the ambiance i.e Options for wall colours and floor tiles

Dimension Integrity: Complete integrity of room dimensions and configuration of the product as per the specifications.

Visibility of BOQ & Pricing – Real-time update of consumer price list ( CPL) pricing of the BOQ in the application

Benefits of the Solution

Site visit is not required. As the App accurately produces a digital replica of the customer’s required solution.

Offering of the solution through the mobile App for the sales team reduced manual interventions and elevated the customer experience to a higher level. This created a whole new way of interacting with our sales team, as the animation of the products showed the functionality of various units of the product offered.

The feature of screen recording/screenshot helped the customer to get the exact idea of how the product will look in the specified dimensions shared by the customer.

Productivity of the sales team got enhanced due to accurate projections of the layout. Inaccurate projections which were a common feature earlier called for constant rework and multiple iterations, which now were substantially reduced.

Generating of BOQs automatically witpricing information that could be emailed readily to the customer, not only reduced the cycle time in which a sale could be closed, but also made it easy for the sales team to respond quickly.

As this application does not have any recurring licensing costs, it was possible to launch this application for all the major retail outlets including upcountry dealers of Godrej Interio. This application is being leveraged by over 350 dealer salespersons and over 150 salespersons at our stores.

The Way Forward

This innovation in the selling cycle has brought a radical transformation in the way we reach out to our customers through a novel technological solution that has improved the customer experience by leaps and bounds. It has also enhanced the productivity of our sales team by a huge margin. This solution was also appended to our other range of modular products like Broadway/Highrolla and Kalista wardrobes.

This application acted as a major catalyst in helping us realize a revenue of Rs. 100 Crores from our modular range of steel/wood wardrobes.

This innovative is a “first” in the furniture industry and uniquely translates the customer experience into “customer delight.”