Diabetes, a lifestyle ailment, is on the rise because of increasing urbanization and development.
FROM Godrej appliances

The International Diabetic foundation states that India ranks 2nd on the Diabetic population index globally, with an estimated 77 million patients - a number that is expected to cross a 100 million by 2030. One third of this diabetic population is treated with insulin (beyond oral administration) administered either via syringe or via pen devices, as per a study done by a leading manufacturer of insulin. Few consumers know that insulin requires a controlled temperature of 2-8°C to maintain its efficacy. Storing it in the household refrigerator makes it prone to temperature fluctuations each time the door is opened. Maintaining insulin in the right temperature is also difficult during power outages. Further, insulin dependent diabetics do not have any reliable solution when it comes to travel. Common solutions use ice packs which do not deliver precise cooling. This challenge goes beyond insulin to vaccines and other temperature sensitive medicines too.

Godrej Appliances identified the above challenges and developed a specialized product for insulin storage - the Godrej InsuliCool. It deploys advanced solid state thermo-electric cooling technology, eliminating the usage of compressor and refrigerant to maintain a controlled temperature of 2-8°C ensuring insulin potency. The precise cooling also makes it ideal for storing other vital temperature sensitive vaccines, medicines, vials for drops, other medical samples, and specimens. There are two variants under this range InsuliCool+ and InsuliCool. InsuliCool+ comes with an external battery pack, while for InsuliCool, the external power bank needs to be purchased separately. Godrej InsuliCool – a completely in-house solution - is compact and portable, with a net weight of 1.6 Kg, a user friendly shoulder belt and soft contours. Its 0.56L capacity is well suited to a removable vial holder, capable of holding upto 9 insulin vials. It works on both AC and DC power sources and is compatible with an external 20 mAh external power bank which provides a backup of 4 hours and also with a car adapter, making it an ideal insulin storage solution for home, office and travel. The innovation is testimony to the brand philosophy of ‘Soch ke Banaya Hai’ and will go a long way in helping consumers live at ease with diabetes. Godrej InsuliCools are available pan-India, from the brand’s e-store, leading e-commerce platforms and at chemists.